A talented and highly energetic group of individuals regarded as social architects, a term that describes their ability to engineer and design the execution of successful social events.

The Lush Entertainment initiative was developed by Chantelle Lush who has a passion for enriching people’s lives by creating deep and life long lasting relationships between one another.

For years she has envisioned assembling a team of like minded people that would love to work in unison to make this dream come true. Only in the recent years has Chantelle had the opportunity to meet this incredible group and cultivate the friendships that have lead to the inception of Lush Entertainment.



Founder & CEO

Chantelle Lush grew up in Fort McMurray, Alberta. In a small town with limited opportunity, her love for sports ultimately moved her to Calgary with the opportunity to play club and college volleyball.

With a natural sense of leadership and helping people work together towards mutual goals she found a great joy in coordinating people into all kinds of exciting and entertaining events.

Bring people together and cultivating new relationships in our diverse communities is when she is at her best happiest. By going back to the core of our humanity she thrives in living life to the fullest, loving everyone for who they are and nurturing a lush for life attitude!

Co-founder & Event Promotion Manager

Naomi grew up on Vancouver Island on the west Coast of Canada.  She enjoys creating intimate events that bring people together in creative ways that foster social interactions in a fun and relaxed manner.

She draws her inspiration from her experiences travelling through diverse cultures.

Underground dance music and ripping up a dance floor has been a lifelong interest for Naomi, being able to give back to the community with parties that support up and coming Dj’s in venues that are unique to Calgary and generate a vibe of inclusiveness and meaningful interactions is a dream job.

Naomi wants to shake up your social calendar with a Lush new take on being social.

Co-founder & Marketing Head

“/Chee-kay/” was born in Nigeria to a large and loving family. His parents instilled in him at an early age that knowledge is the path to success.

Chike began his university journey in his home country of Nigeria where he finished his first degree in business. His journey continued in England where he attended the University of Bath and received his masters in Marketing. His published dissertation helped unlock his interest in understanding consumer buying behaviours and how technology influences decisions.

The road continued to Calgary, Alberta where his focus changed to Urban Planning. It was during this time that he realised his true love was Marketing. His works in Urban Planning was heavily influenced by his Marketing studies. He designed urban environments based on the existing forces of demand and supply.

In Calgary, Chike began working at the university Library, helping to introduce the public to the concept of a Makerspace, teaching digital media systems. He then worked in oil and gas for a company that allowed him the freedom to craft their digital marketing systems.

As one who is passionate about leading people to new trends, Chike embraced the opportunity to work with Lush Entertainment. His insight-led and creative marketing skills will be used in revitalizing the community by building and facilitating new, creative and fun ways to socialize.